Somizi Mhlongo is angry over an unpleasant joke made about his mother at a time when all mothers were being appreciated and celebrated on Sunday, 10 May 2020, a day recognized as Mother’s Day.

The twitter user who got Somizi’s attention saw it fit to pull out a nasty joke about Somizi’s mother regarding how she has aged and her facial looks.

“Imagine if Somizi would get to age like his mom, poor Mohale Motaung,” he said.

This really hit hard on Somizi who in his response lashed out at the twitter user telling him his mother is happy and content and that Mohale will just be fine even if he ages like his mom.

“let me engage you, I’m proudly gonna age like my mom, happy and content. Just wish your mom reaches my mom’s age and I used the word poor in a wrong sentence because Mohale won’t be.

I hope it’s not the case with you and your gorgeous ageless mom, you can now unfollow,” said Somizi.

Somizi also ordered the twitter user to show the photos of his sexy and flawless mother.

“Now show me your sexy flawless mom, with my mom I will fetch you papa. I will be a straat mate,” he said.

The television personality also uses an idiom to warn the twitter user not to play with fire if he leaves in a thatch house.

“Don’t play with fire if you leave in a thatch house, I would use the glass house idiom but I doubt you even know the feeling of living in such a house,” he said.