Exclusive:A chat with Richard Ranoto about photography

By Modumo Mokonoto

Richard Ranoto is a photographer from Mabopane Unit R, Bheki. He is a qualified interior designer and also have a qualification in financial management.

Ranoto's company, Costas Photography offer services using a blend of technical skills and an artistic eye to capture pictures of fashion, models, events and weddings.

We had an Question and Answer(Q and A) session with check how it went below.

When and how did you fall in love with photography?

I started my photography brand in 2016 My love for photography started when i got introduced to fashion design and modeling from a friend who was a fashion designer, and he bought a camera luckily at that time I was already introduced/studying photography as a subject at university.

Why is photography a career and not a hobby for you?

Because I am a very technical person i like using the skills that I learned at the university and combine them with my artistic eye to capture moments and add some spice to my pictures, and for me I am driven by passion and skills.

Three words that define your work and yourself?

Artistic, Technical and a Perfectionist

What are the capabilities of one being a photographer?

Well If your passionate about something , and you see something that takes more of your time and you cant get enough of it than make a living out of it, education is just there to polish up your skills and talent, So follow your passion.

Why is important for you to capture moments?

Well because my aim is to delight my clients with beautiful photographs and amazing customer service, that is very imported to me.

What are the challenges you have encountered as a photographer?

I have to go rent a camera at times when i have big gigs and I always need to have money to pay for the camera and it comes at a cost and sometimes people pay you late and you have to consistently remind them to make a payments.

How do you market yourself?

Social media plays a huge part in terms of marketing and i have photography models who always credit me in my work and also word of mouth.

How would you advice someone who would like to become a photographer?

I started off shooting models and helping them with their modeling portfolios and i ventured into other categories such as fashion shows, beauty pegants and other categories.so start small and keep learning, after all we all have to start somewhere, if photography is your passion than follow it, and dont turn back.

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