Dineo Modiga talks to us about her Christianity Journey

Photo: Sibusiso Nkambule Njrd

HashDon’s reporter Modumo Mokonoto took out to the streets of Madidi, a rural place in the North West to talk to self-driven, motivated, respectful, beautiful, humble and God fearing young person, Dineo Modiga, regarding her spiritual journey and also to know a little bit about her life.

Below is the conversation between Modumo and Dineo.

Who is Dineo Modiga?

Dineo Modiga was born and lives in the rural village of North West, Madidi. I am is 23 years of age, I am very peculiar and have a strong personality. I try to live my life in the present moment but I always plan for the future, I mean what is the purpose of dreaming about the future which you can't excite yourself with? Growing up I was very competitive at school and to this day I push myself to do better in my academics,
I'm not narrow minded, that is, I'm not only focused on building a Career but I have other things on the side that I do for fun, I'm a keyboard player, I love listening to deep house music, I'm a photographer, I do people's hairs to make money, and I do modelling as well. I try to live my life as best as I can because this is probably the only life I'll ever know

How was your life like before being a church person?

I grew up in a Christian family, on Sundays no-one was allowed to remain at home, my grandma locked the house doors and we all went to church. I was an active participant of Sunday school, I enjoy it there a lot. So I've always been a church girl.  I know no other life apart from this one.

How did you find your spiritual journey?

As I have indicated in the previous question, I've always been a "church girl"
But when I became a teenager I left the church everyone in my family went to and I became a member of another church.  I also want to emphasise that a spiritual journey is not a once off thing, it's an everyday lifestyle where you have to constantly keep making a conscious decision that you are following a narrow path, one that not too many people walk on. For an example, as a 23 year old lady people are always shocked at the fact that I don't drink alcohol, I don't do causal dates and I'm still a Virgin.

I must also be honest that for a long time I've treated my spirituality as a religion instead of treating it as a one-on-one relationship with God, for me God is not this supernatural being that were ought to be fearful of, but he is a loving father and he embraces us, he knows our good, our bad and ugly and yet he still call us to come nearer to him. It really gladdens me to know that God is not angry with me for the sins I made, or ones that I did today and the ones that I'm going to do tomorrow and in future, His word says "Come as you are". He's the one who can cleanse us. This is what the book of john has to say about God; John 3:17 God didn't go to all the trouble of sending his Son merely to point an accusing finger, telling the world how bad it was. He came to help, to put the world right again. Isn't that fantastic?

Did you lose friends along the way because of the path you chose?

Not really, I've always been socially awkward *laughs*
I'm very socially withdrawn, I'd rather have 4 close friends than keep 40 acquaintances in my life, so to answer your question, No, I didn't really lose friends along the way, but my friends perceives me as one who has deep connections with God, according to them "I'm very weird" but that's okay because weird is also cool

What do you think would have happened to you have you not chosen the path you are in now?

This is my favourite question because I always have a straight forward answer for it. I think I would have been dead or very miserable. I had a difficult teenage hood, a painful one even. I lost my dad when I was 12, and that was very traumatising event for me, I didn't have close connections with God at that time so I interpreted my dad's death as God's way of punishing me,   I don't know what for but that's what I thought then, so I became an emotionally troubled child, very stubborn, resentful and full of anger. All of those things led to me being suicidal, I'd plan how I was going to kill myself and all that. I battled with suicidal thoughts for a long time in my life and my family doesn't know this.  But because God was with Me every step of the way even though It didn't feel like it, I am still here today, even though this world has become a Dog-Eat-Dog world, I have guarantee that God has my Tomorrow in his hands, come what may!!! God is basically and progressively healing wounds of my childhood and teenage hood. All this wouldn't have been possible had I not chosen this path.

Take a look at Dineo’s photographic skills :

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