5 Reasons why Nutritionists eat more seasonal foods all year round? #healthtips

Seasonal eating has been there for decades now, yet in this century there is a lot more emphasis on eating what is available locally. With United Nations encouraging people to eat more of traditional foods as an initiative to reduce Non Communicable diseases globally, it has drawn a lot of attention. Nutritionists are also part of this global movement and most if not all, eat more of these foods than anything else.

Here are my 5 reasons why I choose Seasonal anyday:

Tastes Better

Walk into any shop and you will realise that after purchasing two different brands of fruits or vegetables. One from a local source and other, overseas or even canned and you will realise that In-season produce is fresher and tastes better, sweeter and perfectly ripe. Simply because naturally ripened produce is harvested at the right time, hence it has reached ripening stage and it  will definitely have much more flavor and nutrition.

2. Cheaper
Compare prices per kg of a seasonal fruit versus one not in season. You will definitely see that price margin is close to 50% more. Currently with economic situation globally, most of us would want to reduce costs to smallest  possible. Farmers locally will be harvesting a large abundance of produce, hence reducing cost due to increased competition. This in conjunction with lower travelling and storage expenses as the distance from farm to consumer is small.

3. Fresher with a Higher Nutritional Value

It is not a surprise or mystery that the fresher produce, consumed closer to harvesting is most certainly higher in nutritional value. Including some antioxidants such as Water Soluble Vitamins like Vitamin C, folate and carotenoids  which rapidly decline when stored for periods of time.

4. Lower contamination levels

Standards that regulate our nation, differ greatly when it comes to foods such as Vegetables and Fruits.

Overseas agriculture may not regulate soil contamination tests to ensure land and soil quality. Some agricultural areas have been shown to have very high heavy metal and other toxic contaminants due to industrial sites inhabiting the same area. Some produce to look out for, are garlic, onions, leeks and others in bulb family.

5. Supports Your Body’s Natural Nutritional Needs

Is it not a wonder how seasonal fruits and vegetables have all the nutrients you need to remain healthy.
In winter we are provided by nature all things citrus, these are particularly high in Vitamin C which is very important for preventing infections such as colds and flu’s. Winter vegetables offer comfort and are perfect for hot meals, healthy stews, soups, casseroles and other warming meals. Nature most certainly knows what is best for us to eat more of.

I know at times seasonal eating is not always found easily in local supermarkets, instead of cancelling them out completely. Visit local markets or grow your own fresh produce and join the Nutritionists movement for Healthier eating using what is available for you in that season.

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