Reduce Depression cases by raising your Children to be mentally strong.

As we celebrate World Health Day, this year we are highlighting on Depression at a Global and not just National level. Depression 

 in developing countries, is stigmatised and not something that is considered appropriate to be spoken of especially in public. Over the years, there has been an increase in these cases, with this silent disease being diagnosed at a younger age than before. Stress related diseases are amongst the top 6 leading causes of deaths and accountable for 75% of physician visits.

So the question at hand is not just how can we prevent Depression, which is caused by negative outlook to life?  But also raise a generation that can be equipped to face it  and be mentally strong despite the increasing problems we face daily.

The answer lies in the way you parent and raise your child, nothing less, nothing more!! In case you are wondering, how this can be achieved.I will tell you, simply by ensuring you equip your child from an early age with a positive frame of thinking. Here are some ways to raise your Children for better mental health:

* Identify their strengths, find activities or hobbies that strengthen these and build them up.

*Talk more about their achievements than their failures.

* Driving them to school, let them listen to inspirational talks, to prepare them positively for the day rather than news.

*Encourage them to tell you or write down 1 thing they are grateful for at the end of each day.

*Celebrate them in the presence of other people and correct them in private.

*Refrain from resolving personal issues at Mealtimes, create an atmosphere of laughter, joy and love instead.

*Avoid quarreling in presence or ear shot of your Children with your spouse or anyone else.

*Spend time outside daily in the fresh air, playing ball, picking flowers, gardening or just relaxing on the grass.

*Strengthen emotional bonds by creating a safe space for them to openly share their heart with you without fear.

*Avoid clutter in your home and their rooms, cleanliness is the secret to serenity.

The world may not change, but you can change the way your child sees the world and touch not just one life, but those in generations to come too!!!

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