Chris Brown called off his boxing match with Soulja Boy. Is he afraid?

The boxing match of Chris Brown VS Soulja Boy was set to take place in Las Vegas during this month of March 2017, Maywearther promotion was suppose to set a date for the match but somehow delayed till this day.
Both fighters were preparing themselves for the match and keeping viewers updated through all kinds of media about their workout sessions and showing enthusiasm of getting in the ring to settle the beef with gloves on.
Last week Soulja Boy tweeted saying "Chris Brown manager last night said the fight is off and he's not signing contract.". For the past few days everyone whom was looking forward to this match and following both fighters on tweeter was responding to this tweet of Soulja Boy. Many were saying Soulja Boy made that story up of Chris Brown manager calling the fight off, since Chris Brown's daughter was brought up to this beef, many believed that Soulja Boy was telling a lie for publicity.
It turns out that it is true, Chris Brown recently uploaded a video on youtube to confirm that the fight is off, according to Chris Brown the reason why he called it off " first of all its immature , and it has affected many people he cared about''.
Soulja Boy seem to be more angry than before, not forgetting the fact that Chris Brown is the one who suggested the fight and Soulja Boy accepted the challenge. Soulja Boy uploaded a video on Monday saying "Chris Brown you called my phone telling me that I shouldn't have liked your girl's picture on instagram, when you see me you gonna beat me up, now you calling the fight off, I signed my contract two months ago, this is not over, when I see you I will slap you for everything you said about me"
Bets of billions and billions of Dollars, Rands , and Pounds were already made to see who is going to win the fight, but newsflash is the boxing match of Chris Brown VS Soujla Boy is no longer happening.
if anything comes up, we will surely fulfill our objective of keeping viewers updated.

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