Want To Beat The Obesity Epidemic, Start With Your Waist! #HealthTips

Obesity is not only an epidemic situation but a global one, with close to 2.8 million people worldwide dying each year as a result of being overweight or obese, and an estimated 35.8 million (2.3%) of global diseases are caused by overweight or obesity. Some parts of Africa are best known for charity appeals to combat famine, but the continent is now facing the opposite problem: an obesity epidemic, with close to 30% more people overweight than those malnourished in the continent. A large majority of them have been diagnosed with Non-Communicable diseases such as Diabetes, High blood pressure and many others to name a few.

This disease is affecting not only the adults but children as well starting from infants stage, which makes it even more of a problem at a community and family level as well. Despite the impact it has on health, obesity is not considered a health priority for communities affected, as more emphasis is placed on fighting infectious diseases such as HIV, Aids and tuberculosis. A common challenge faced in many developing nations is that of cultural factors which play a big role, as many societies, associate weight gain with wealth or happiness, especially around the midsection area that is of a greater danger than anywhere else in the body.

Weight around the midsection or belly fat is linked to almost 50% higher risk of developing high blood pressure, Diabetes, high cholesterol levels, Heart problems and even death despite being Overweight or in the normal Body Mass Index Range. Belly fat is the first area that you should look out for, to ensure that you are not increasing your risk of getting a disease that you can easily prevent.
A simple way to do this is by taking a tape measure and putting it around the biggest area of your belly and comparing with the figures below:

  • Waist circumference
  • Women: > 88 cm (35 inches)
  • Men: > 102 cm (40 inches)
Anything greater than 88cm for women and 102 cm in men, should be a warning signal that you need to do something about your belly. And ladies, just because you were pregnant 3 months ago and are /not breastfeeding, it is still not an excuse to ignore taking the right measures to ensure that you reduce the size of your belly. The longer you wait, the harder it becomes to shed off the post-baby fat and the more frustrating it will be for you too.

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Make sure to consult your Nutritionist/ Dietitian/ Doctor to get a Diet plan so that you reduce your belly fat and risk of getting Non-Communicable diseases. In case you are wondering, why I did not refer to your fitness instructor, the reason simply is that you get 20% results from exercise and 80% from eating right. Just going to the gym, is not enough to ensure that you get rid of the belly fat, it is a MUST that you get a good eating guide or diet plan!!

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