The world's oldest fiancée got engaged at age 106. #ValentinesMode

Valdemira Rodrigues de Oliveira is reportedly the oldest engaged fiancée in the whole world.
Image by  Good Housekeeping. / MSN
Oliveira 'Valda' was proposed by Aparecido Dias Jacob. The two met three years ago at their nursing home in Brazil There's a bit of an age difference between the lovebirds - Jaco is 66-years-old, 40 years younger than Valda - but to them, it makes no difference. "
I fell in love with Valda from the moment I saw her,"
Jaco told the Daily Mail. "I know she's a little older than me, but that doesn't matter because she makes me really happy."

Image by  Good Housekeeping. / MSN

The old-lady did not give-up in love and accepted a marriage proposal at a seemingly impossible age.

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The two are planning to move together as their preparing for their happy love life.
"I fell in love with him," Valda told the Daily Mail. "I like him a lot. If he dies, I die too."

Image by  Good Housekeeping. / MSN

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