My 21st Century version: An Apple a day keeps the doctor away! #HealthTips

We have all grown up knowing that an apple a day keeps the Doctor away, yet when you look around, apples are everywhere in different varieties at affordable prices, yet people are still going to the doctor and seem sicker than those before. As I was growing up apples were a delicacy and only eaten on special occasions as they were expensive and considered a luxury, it was not everyday that you would see a school kid holding a juicy red apple and eating it. That was only something that the really rich kids ate as we watched.
Those were definitely the old days, which have changed yet in reality based on a recent assessment of how eating apples affects one’s overall health, the truth is further than what we think it actually is. JAMA Internal Medicine researchers examined the association between health care utilization and apple consumption in more than 8,000 adults participating in the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey.
At first glance apples appeared to be related to significant benefits. Apple eaters, defined as those who ate at least one small apple each day, were more likely to "keep the doctor away" (defined as no more than 1 doctor visit in the past year): 39% versus 33.9% for non-apple eaters. Which is a very small percentage if you look at it and one that we cannot say is significant enough to make the statement “ An apple a day keeps the doctor away”, one that we can sing so confidently to anymore.
A better way to keep the doctor away would be to pair up apples with:
* Grapes or raspberries
*Natural yoghurt to keep gut bacteria, healthy and happy
*Leafy Greens (Spinach or lettuce salad) and walnuts
* Oats or Branflakes and milk
21st century version would sound more like, “ Pair up an apple a day to keep the doctor away!”

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