Do you have a Vision, Mission and Objectives? #EBBusiness

Do you have a Vision, Mission and Objectives?

There used to be a time when one had to go to financial school to just attempt formal business endeavors. And for some of us historically disadvantaged Africans owning our own business seemed so far-fetched and expensive even unto incorporation. Until the modern entrepreneur culture sped forth a new concept of dynamic creativity and radical thinking, giving rise to profitable businesses from hobbies.
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Instead of trying to think outside the box, just remove the box.
What’s your Vision? , this is a very important question which any of us aspiring young entrepreneurs should never omit especially us in Africa with limited financial resources. We most certainly cannot afford a series of loses or misappropriation of funds without ultimately endangering our reputation for ever. Your vision is the first thing you see when you open your eyes and the last thing you see when you close them. Some would call it the “reason why” you took the risk to conduct business in the first place, kind of the first thought and reason that compelled you to take the trip to Durban from Tshwane.

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What’s your Mission? , equally paramount in the life of the modern entrepreneur, this question is the very moment your idea/hobby transforms theoretically into whatever company form. Your mission is “what you going to do” given that business is simply finding a solution to a particular problem then charging a fee for your solution. So it’s one part to know where you are going and it’s another to know how to get there. Establishing a clear, realistic mission statement not only helps the founder but the whole business to operate and grow. If you don’t know how to reach your vision or are looking for an alternative route, ASK those with experience, knowledge and wisdom they is a reason why you are young and they are older.

What are your Objectives? , our last but not the least important question I believe every young entrepreneurial woman and man should hold dearly. As we have observed our vision is like our final destination (where we what to go) then comes our mission which is like our route to reach our destination, now we explore the “how we going to do it” part. Many people get lost in drafting their objectives, try to keep them clear, simple and realistic as possible lest someone other than your self needs to use them as a guide.
Objectives are basically the actual things you are willing to do to achieve your mission and ultimately see your vision come to fulfillment or in this case your business.

Everything is always impossible before it works. That is what entrepreneurs are all about—doing what people have told them is impossible.-          Hunt Greene

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