Chris Brown beef with Soulja Boy turned into a boxing match

This might shock new viewers but believe you me so was I. Worldwide known RnB superstars, Chris Brown and Soulja Boy beefing.
According to all videos of Soulja Boy uploaded on YouTube and interviews he attended regarding this bad vibe between him and Chris Brown, the motive behind the beef took place at different occasions.
Apparently Chris Brown was not pleased when Soulja Boy liked Karrueche Tran's picture on instagram, because Karrueche Tran was dating Chris Brown at that time. Although it sound like something they should not be fighting over, since social media is there to express how you feel, well that's because the whole truth was hidden at first.
But according to Soulja Boy, years back after Chris Brown beaten Rihanna, Soulja Boy was there same night to comfort Rihanna and he even invited her to his next live show, it looks like that what got Chris Brown mad the most and haven't made peace with that till today.
And now Soulja Boy has been secretly seeing Chris Brown's girlfriend Karrueche Tran.
The photo above was uploaded by Soulja Boy on tweeter & instagram, obviously he did it to provoke Chris Brown, the first top left picture is Chris Brown and Karrueche, the other three is Soulja Boy and Karrueche
Many believes that the beef is over because Soulja Boy tweeted, revealing the sad reason he's been beefing with Chris Brown two weeks ago, not forgetting the fact that these two superstars were friends before beef came into place.
The beef is officially back on, and this time around at has been taken to higher levels. Floyd Mayweather, the boxing undefeated legend decided not only to promote the fight but also to promote the entire event through Mayweather promotions for entertainment purposes. The fight will be held at either Los Angeles or Las Vegas during the month of March 2017.
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