Twenty-first century African Entrepreneur

Twenty-first century African Entrepreneur

Year 2016 saw a rise in new young entrepreneurs all round Africa, one has to wonder what to expect in year 2017. From breath taking innovations, inventions, investments to even humble artistic art and craft. 

The question then arises, "Who is an entrepreneur?", "What does he do?", the concept of entrepreneurship began around the 80's in developed countries. He or She was an average individual with a determination to change their lives for the better.

So instead of coming with new, big, amazing business ideas, they simply turned their everyday hobbies into business options. It was just a matter of selling the hobby to others in exchange for money, intellectual property for a profit and expanding it as franchises.

When life throws lemons at you, squeeze lemonade and sell and make marmalade out of the skins then sell also...or you can just simply live a bitter life of blaming with lemons in your life. 

Africans posses a diversity of cultures and art which i feel us aspiring young people can convert into bankable projects, some even require less capital to start-up which will discuss in my next article.
Risk-taking is an integral and intrinsic part of success or living a full life.
Picture by African News

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