The Future of African Health Is In Your Hands! #Health

With so much going on in the world, one cannot help but begin to wonder what the future of African Health Care will be.

As of date, Kenyan doctors have been on strike for the past 40 days now, patients are being turned away from hospitals, some dieing and many relocating to greener pastures.This in conjunction with poor sanitation and lower working conditions have made it very difficult for good health care to be provided as they were in the past.

Not only that but with the high burden of Non communicable diseases that are on the rise as we speak, with close to 28 million deaths being from low and middle income countries like those in Africa of the 38 million global deaths according to WHO reports. Makes the future seem very bleak! 
We could blame the Health Care System yet it is very much evident that they are struggling to keep afloat with most institutes being understaffed, high cost of medicine which most cannot afford, reduced aides from donors and the Global economic recession that is affecting the world. Looking to the Health Care system is definitely not an option anymore.

It is time for Africans to realize that no one can help them, prevent or manage a disease that their eating and living lifestyle has caused. There is no medication that can treat them, the only medicine is found in you taking responsibility of your own health and realizing that your health is no longer the sole responsibility of the Doctor anymore, it is now more about you taking your health into your hands and doing all you can to prevent and manage the diseases that are taking so many of our loved ones.
Every choice you make today, can either draw you closer or further to your Health and the choice stars with YOU!! Not with your traditions, mother, doctor or anyone else..

Health is a very personal issue that only you can improve. It is you who chooses what to eat, what time to eat, how to eat, where to eat from, how you spend your time, what you do and the list goes on. All of these things are based on you as an individual and no one else!
Stop waiting on someone else to change the Health Care system, longer you wait..worse the problem will be and more difficult to pave a healthier future for you and me.. 

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