Do really people have to pay for job replacement ? It's even worse in Johannesburg

Our country is in deep shame, people are desperate and looking for help but instead the situation becomes worse.

Job adverts everywhere ,every site these corrupted agencies posting now and again.
I even wonder if they are qualified to recruit people because as for my own information recruitment agencies are paid by the companies looking for people in that particular field and area, they are suppose to help people get jobs not to rip people off.
These days you apply for a job responding to an advert, they send you email or SMS telling you to report to their offices mostly in Johannesburg cbd they are all there, they will tell you that they have made an appointment for you and you must report to their offices with your CV and I'd copy and 150 for CV screening, and ask for so and so. When you get there they won't interview you they will just take your CV and tell you that they will call u in 3/4 working days if your CV was approved. When you return there they will ask for 950 for getting you a job u haven't got as yet,some will ask 600 for call center training, some will ask for 500,some will even ask for 100 for uniform if you applied for restaurant job.

For how long are we going to fall for this trap ? These agencies they are all over,desperate people looking for work they even tell you it immediate start. why are people this cruel ? Why can't they just go find work and work instead of eating other peoples money,people even borrow money to pay them out of desperation .can't the government or the police do something about this? Because the worst part is to pay 950 and don't even get the job, still, even if you do get a job why paying for it? Jobs are free,companies are looking for workers for free why must one pay to get the job? Why must one be rich through peoples tears? What happened to Ubuntu?what happened to justice? These people they get away with this because no one is reporting or taking this matter seriously.Johannesburg is in deep shame, full of corrupted agencies making money through peoples desperation. We need help.

Photo by ZimboConnect

Reported by Nomfundo Mkhize
In Johannesburg
kind regards
Mfundo k
Tell: (+27) 616815457
Mfundo k@kagisomkhize

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