WhatsApp launched "Live Video Call" - Free

With WhatsApp, every upgrade just get better. Version 2.16.318 supports free "Video Call".

WhatsApp always had a video feature where you could capture and share a video, but this time around, you can just share it 'LIVE' as it happens. This feature comes in all major operating systems (Android, Windows and iOS) and all you need to do is to upgrade your WhatsApp version to 2.16.318

In 2016 WhatsApp added many features including "Document" feature, making it easy for users to attach Word, Pdf and .txt files, a feature that likely replaces  emails. This comes with a documents size limit of 100MB.

WhatsApp is arguably the best real time texting service of the 21st century with more than a billion downloads on Google Play only and a notable 4.4 /5 ratings . All services on WhatsApp are currently for free and with no Ads  affiliated to the service yet with a worth-to-mention high privacy security features.

Texts on WhatsApp are protected with "End -To--End Encryption", meaning it's only between you and the person you're texting. The service is also available on the Web where you just need to scan a QR code and get connected with no hassle. You can chat in groups and in private mode. You even set whether people should see your "Last-Seen", profile pictures and statuses. It's just all about you.

Keen to get started? Check out the video by Gadget 360

It's evident enough  that there is still a long way to go with WhatsApp and more features will be introduced as time pass by. What are your thoughts about the new " WhatsApp LIVE Video Call" feature?

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