Doom: keeps demons at bay! #DoomProphet

A pastor in Limpopo allegedly spray members of the congregation with Doom to rid them off  demons infecting their lives.
 Prophet  Lethebo Rabalago of Mountzion General Assembly 
The Prophet allegedly had a vision of the healing power of the insect-killing pesticide and deemed it holy to be used on humans. Pastor Lethebo Rabalago and his Mount Zion General Assembly followers seemed satisfied of the healing powers of Doom ;as not one member has spoken ill of the practices conducted in the church.

Pastor spraying doom to the congregants
While the general public is flabbergasted by the practices of Pastor Lethebo Rabalago, some even alluding that it's a scam to swindle desperate people out of their money. All is not gloom with Pastor Rabalago's Doom!

Tiger Brands ( a South African packaged goods company) also released a statement against this act. Twitter also reacted firmly,check out some of  the reaction to the #DoomProphet.

By:  Tsholofelo Mabona
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