Are robots the new employees of our time?

Robots are affecting the economy every single day everywhere in the world and it has become a world problem. 
Humanoid robots at work in a factory
Thousands of jobs are lost everyday due to the implementation of robotics by structures and companies. The process however largely affect employees since this is a perfect way for employers to earn large revenues without paying wages.

According to Seegrid Corporation, a robotic company in the USA, "the state of robotics today has real-world applications, impacting employment, safety, quality, productivity, efficiency, and competitiveness". A duty that can be done by 60 individuals in an hour can be hasten-up within minutes by a single robot. These man-made artificial intelligent automatons work day & nights without being weary, and do not expect any salaries since they are programmed to do their tasks. 

Carers that are largely affected by these machines production include Finance Industry, Sports Reporting & Analysis, Marketing, Anesthesiologists, Surgeons, Diagnosticians and Transportation. Meanwhile with new other department looking to join the system.

New robots are developed every single hour and their presence & effect will be mostly felt as we head to the "internet of things" age since day-to-day duties are being replaced by these substantial artificial machines. 

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